The next generation of clinical diagnostics

IS-diagnostics is a young company focusing on a new generation of clinical diagnostics. We do not make wild promises on possible applications in a far future. IS-diagnostics combines cutting-edge IT solutions with innovative chemistry to  bring  the next generation of clinical diagnostics to laboratories today.


  • January 2016, Demonstration of IS-pro for eubacterial detection and ID in clinical samples published

    Together with clinical researchers from the VU Univeristy medical center, we validated IS-Pro to detect and identify bacteria in a range of clinical samples. IS-pro was compared to culture and results were double-checked by sequencing. We showed that many bacteria were were found by IS-pro that were missed by culture. This study highlights the added value of IS-pro for application in clinical routine. Results were published in the ASM Journal of Clinical Microbiology.

  • December 2015, Composition and Stability of gut Microbiota in children charted with IS-pro

    Together with a team of researchers and clinicians from the Academical Medical Center of Amsterdam, the VU Univeristy medical center and the Academic medical center of Maastricht, IS-Diagnostics analyzed the composition and stability of gut microbiota in children for the first time ever. Not only did this result in valuable fundamental insights, it also established a healthy reference to which diseased children can be compared and diagnostic tests can be validated on. Results were published in the prestigious FASEB journal.

  • November, 2014 - First showcase of clinical microbiome diagnostics with IS-pro published

    Together with clinical researchers from the Academical Medical Center of Amsterdam and the VU Univeristy medical center, IS-Pro is shown to be able to diagnose diverticulitis by fecal microbiome analysis. Results were published in the European Journal of Clincal MIcrobiology and Infectious Diseases.

  • October 21, 2014 - Results of skin study online for all participants

    The IS-Diagnostics team succesfully performed the fastest metagenomic study ever on October 7, 2014. We took skin swabs before and after application of alcohol of the organizing committee at 13:00 PM and presented fully analyzed data the same day at 20:00 PM. Now, data for all participants is online via the following link:

    Online analysis...

  • October 7, 2014 - IS-Diagnostics to attempt  the fastest metagenomic study ever

    On October 7th, the IS-Diagnostics team will attempt to set a world record metagenomic study at the symposium 'Darmdiagnostiek: van one size fits all naar behandelen op maat' in Houten, the Nevtherlands. At the beginning of the symposium, the organizing committee will be asked to participate in this high-speed metagenomic intervention study.


  • July 2014 - IS-pro validated for use on rectal swabs

    Together with clinical researchers from the VU Univeristy medical center, IS-Pro was validated for microbiot anlysis on rectal swabs. This is important as rectal swabs are the easiest way to assess gut microbes. Rectal swabs are also routinely taken in clinical practice. Validating IS-pro for these sample types is an important step towards implementation in clinical routine. Results were published in PLoS One.

  • May 15, 2014 - Release Allemaal Beestjes




    On May 15th the popular scientific book 'Allemaal Beestjes' by Job de Vrieze was released. The book is a survey of the current knowledge of microbes in all parts of our body. Part of the book describes the study that the author performed at IS-diagnostics on the effect of not washing on his own skin microbiota.


  • March 10, 2014 - Microbes of a Woolly mammoth

    ISD scientists head out to coldest place on earth to sample ancient microbes of a woolly mammoth


    Dries Budding and his VUmc colleague Bas Wintermans travelled to the coldest city on earth to sample a 40.000 year old mammoth, perfectly preserved in the Siberian permafrost. In Yakutsk, Siberia, they collaborated with a team of Russian scientists to dissect the ancient beast and collected  samples of different parts of the mammoth, including lymph nodes, gut contents and even some liquid blood. With these samples they try to investigate  ancient microbiota, undisturbed by modern antibiotics and hope to find prehistorical predecessors of modern pathogenic bacteria.

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  • October 3, 2013 - First IS-PRO kit

    First clinical grade IS-PRO kit delivered to VU University medical center  laboratory of medical microbiology

  • June 2, 2011

    IS-Diagnostics was founded