Clinical Microbiome Diagnostics


 Clinical Microbiome Diagnostics with IS-pro identifies all bacteria in a sample, whether there is a single species or there are many different bacteria from various taxonomic groups present. Using a metagenomics approach allows circumventing the need of cultivating bacteria and thus limiting the time to a diagnosis from days to hours.


Detection of uncultivable and antibiotic-treated bacteria

When patients present at a hospital, they are often treated with antibiotics before diagnostic samples are taken, killing many bacteria and making a diagnosis impossible. Moreover, many bacteria in the human body are very difficult to culture even when they are not treated with antibiotics. IS-pro solves these difficulties. Because IS-pro analyses the DNA of bacteria, it can detect uncultivable and antibiotic-treated bacteria just as easily as any other bacterial species.


Fast and easy diagnostic workflow

While other techniques such as next generation sequencing can also detect bacterial DNA in human samples, these techniques are highly complex, laborious and time-consuming and have hardly been standardized for clinical applications. IS-pro solves this problem. A typical workflow of IS-pro takes five hours and can be performed in almost all clinical microbiology laboratories with no need for out-of the ordinary equipment or advanced bioinformatics pipelines.


Validated for clinical samples

Currently, IS-pro has been validated for use on a large number of typical clinical samples, such as pus aspirates, synovial fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and various tissue specimens. It has been validated to work with the most commonly used DNA isolation machines and is easy to start up in any lab.


The future of clinical microbiome diagnostics

For the near future, IS-pro is being validated for use as a diagnostic and follow-up tool in inflammatory bowel disease, parodontitis, and necrotizing enterocolitis. While many studies are being done by IS-diagnostics in collaboration with various academic and business partners, we also learn from the burgeoning field of research metagenomics and incorporate new insights into our own analyses.


From single species detection to highly complex microbiome research. IS-pro is suited for the very simple to the highly complex. Because IS-pro is set up as a clinical tool, research data can be directly translated to clinical application with no change in laboratory technique.