Personalized diagnostics


IS-pro is ideally suited for analyzing complex microbiota and measuring changes through time or after administration of a food- or medical substance. IS-diagnostics actively participates and initiates many studies on interventions in complex microbiota.

The knowledge that is gained from these studies is integrated in following studies. In this way, IS-diagnostics is developing a unique knowledge-base on microbiota and its responses to different perturbations.



Personalized diagnostics for personalized medicine

One of the main challenges in microbiota research, is the fact that microbiota is highly inidivualized, i.e. all people have their own unique collection of microbes.

By classifying the effects of different substances on different individual microbiota profiles, IS-diagnostics is working towards prediction of effects of food or medicines on an individual level. These insights are essential in fulfilling the promise of personalized medicine.


From research to clinical tool

IS-pro is not only an effective research tool, but also a fast and convenient tool for clinical routine. Because of this, there is no need for the complex process of identifying and selecting markers from metagenomic data and building specific tests suitable for analyses in a clinical setting. With IS-pro, you can go straight from research to clinical application.

IS-pro data depicting dramatic changes in an individuals gut microbiota following antibiotic treatment. These changes are dependent on initial microbiota and are highly individualized.