Quality Control


With regulations becoming increasingly strict, it is now more important than ever to ensure the quality of your products. To evaluate whether bacteria or bacterial DNA are present in your products, culture may no longer satisfy the increasingly strict criteria. Whether you are producing buffers for PCR or producing probiotics, absolute certainty about the absence of contamination is paramount.



Expectations IS-pro

IS-pro detects bacteria and their relative abundance on a molecular level. This means that with IS-pro even uncultivable bacteria or bacterial DNA can be detected in very low amounts. Unlike culture or traditional PCR-based methods, IS-pro is not selective. Instead, IS-pro can detect the vast majority of the whole domain of bacteria, even unknown species.



Today's Targets

Currently, IS-diagnostics is the preferred partner of various companies for performing quality control of different buffers and water samples. Furthermore, we are involved in performing molecular-level quality control of probiotic products. Here, we ensure not only that products are not contaminated, but also that the correct bacterial strains are present. For instant customer feedback, IS-diagnostics provides a dynamic online quality assurance log which is updated as soon as a new batch is processed.



IS-pro is the ultimate application for the high standards set for today’s quality control. Please contact IS-diagnostics for more information on our services or a quote.