• IS-Diagnostics team

    IS-Diagnostics has a young and very enthusiastic team. Communication is easy and collaboration is close between all people involved in IS-Diagnostics.

    If you are interested in joining the team for an internship or a job, please send an email to info@is-diagnostics. com

  • Management team




    Dries Budding M.D.,  C.E.O.


    Dries is one of the founders of IS-diagnostics. He is interested in translating fundamental research to new clinical applications, particularly in the field of molecular bacteriology. Besides his work in IS-Diagnostics, Dries also works as a clinical microbiologist at the VU University medical center, with focus on bacteriology, epidemiology and molecular diagnostics. He is involved in initiating various innovative projects for the department and in educating future clinical microbiologists, medical students and PhD students. Besides this he is now finishing his thesis on the topic ‘clinical metagenomics’. Dries is in charge of the ISD team were he specializes in developing new IS-pro applications.

    Prof. dr. Paul H.M. Savelkoul,  C.S.O.


    Paul H.M. Savelkoul is one of the founders of IS-Diagnostics. He holds a position as professor of medical microbiology at the Maastricht University Medical Center and at the VU medical center Amsterdam. His expertise in research focusses on molecular diagnostics, detection and typing of pathogenic micro-organisms and molecular epidemiology.

    Furthermore, Paul is chairman of the European Study Group on Molecular Diagnostics (ESGMD) and head of the section microbial typing (KNVM). Paul published more than 120 peer-reviewed articles, 7 chapters of international textbooks and holds a number of patents. Besides this, he is one of the founders of the formal training program for molecular medical microbiologists and organizes various post academic courses.


    Drs. Cedric van der Meulen MBA,  Manager business development


    Mr. van der Meulen has extensive managerial experience in the healthcare industry.

    He has worked among others as a business analyst, treasurer, interim manager and is currently manager of the diagnostic division at the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. He is involved in various bio-tech start-ups in the life sciences sector. As business development manager, he is primarily involved in translating market needs into new products and/or services and realizing co-development deals with the diagnostic industry.





  • Technical team

    Linda Poort,  Senior Research Technician


    I am working with the IS-pro method since 2008 and am employed by IS-diagnostics since May 2014. I like the work at IS-Diagnostics because of the different projects and with this the challenge of visualizing data in the best way every time. With our ISD team, we are responsible for customer contacts, we improve and maintain laboratory workflow including quality control, optimize protocols and introduce people to the IS-pro technique. Working with this small growing company is interesting because organizational decisions are constantly being taken. This allows the complete ISD-team to give input and by this improving our work on a constant basis. All together IS-pro offers a young and challenging work environment with many opportunities.



    Malieka van der Lugt-Degen,  Research Technician


    Since 2012, I graduated as a Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. During my graduation I immersed myself in the typing of Blastocystis spp with the IS-pro technology. Through the IS-pro research group I came in contact with the company IS-Diagnostics. After my graduation, I started as a Research Technician. What really appeals to me is the variety in my work and the responsibilities you get. Everybody here is always open for new ideas and initiatives. Also seeing a small business growing and introducing new products is very instructive. The good relations with colleagues both at work and outside work creates a good working atmosphere. In short, IS-Diagnostics offers me a responsible, pleasurable and challenging place to work!



    Suzanne Jeleniewski,  Research Technician


    At the first half of this year I graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht . My project was to build a database for species identification of samples for the IS-pro technique. I have learned a lot during this project. It is great that I could continue working at IS-Diagnostics as a Research Technician after my graduation, so I can develop myself even more. What I like about working here is that the work is diverse, and that there is room for personal initiative.  I also find it important to have a good working atmosphere, which is definitely the case at IS-Diagnostics.


  • Research team

    Maysa van Doorn-Schepens, MD,  PhD candidate


    I am a PhD candidate and also a resident in clinical microbiology and infection control at the VU University medical center. My research focusses on intestinal microbial profiling of inflammatory bowel disease patients (the MICROBE study). In this large prospective, multicenter, longitudinal, observational study we aim to develop gut microbiota profiling by means of the IS-pro technique as a clinical tool to predict disease activity, disease localization and disease subtype in inflammatory bowel disease.

    Working with the IS-pro technique excites me because it’s a totally new cost-effective, high-throughput profiling technique with clear cut data output, suitable for fast and easy analysis. The working atmosphere is informal and there is a good team spirit.



    Anat Eck Hauer,  PhD candidate


    I am currently pursuing a PhD in Bioinformatics at the VU University medical center. I am interested in the role our microbiota plays in health and disease states, especially in relation to clinical applications of human microbiota profiling for diagnostics tools. My research includes developing data analysis methodology for the high-throughput data that is produced by the IS-pro technique. I’m happy to have the opportunity to carry out my PhD among enthusiastic people and in an entrepreneurial environment. Surrounded with such a knowledgeable and multi-disciplinary team, I always learn something new.



    Evelien de Groot, MD,  PhD candidate


    During my medical internships I started working with IS-Diagnostics. I felt welcome and they took time to train me in the lab and in data-analysis. They supervised my work and helped me a lot. It was nice to help them improve the IS-pro technique. At the moment I'm working as a PhD candidate in the Gastroenterology en Hepathology department of the VU University Medical Centre. My research focuses on the exploration of specific faecal volatile organic compounds (VOC) to detect presence and activity of gastrointestinal disease, mainly inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal neoplasia. Furthermore we analyse the gut microbiota by means of the IS-pro technique. It’s really great to continue working with the young, enthusiastic people in the ISD-team. They’re really friendly and helpful. I hope for a long collaboration.